A teacher, Keline, showed two trigger videos to her class in order for them to generate ideas on the topic of ‘Crime’.

Both videos were trailers to Crime Watch episodes, with the first clip showing scenes of people running, abandoning their gloves, and being caught by police. The second clip showed a knife, robbers who tied up their victims, and CCTV footage. 

Students first wrote down their ideas on a 'see think wonder' worksheet. After this individual idea generation, Keline got her students to share their ideas with one another. When similar ideas were brought up, she taught the class how to scaffold their ideas to build onto their friends’ ideas; for instance, using the line “I would like to build on _________’s idea”. She also taught students to use the ‘New information’ and ‘Putting our ideas together’ scaffold to write down new ideas they heard from their friends and to come up with better, more complete ideas. 

In this way, Keline incorporated the KB pedagogy into her lesson without using KF.