Knowledge Forum

The early implementation of KB had its own challenges. There were several structural and practical difficulties that inhibited the learning process. The Knowledge Forum (KF) was developed to overcome these structural barriers. It is the result of integrating technology into the KB Classroom. 

KF is an online platform to facilitate KB inquiry. Through KF, students and teachers are able to read and share their ideas to the entire class.  It displays the interconnections between ideas, that occur in the form of build-ons. Webs extending from single notes depict the expansion of a thread of ideas. Archiving the idea development is possible too.

The KF version adopted in Singapore includes analytical tools that track the progress of each student and of the class. Furthermore, KF can be adapted to the needs of the classroom. For example, teachers can create new sets of scaffolds. Video tutorials of Knowledge Forum 6 can be accessed from the IKIT YouTube channel below.

Knowledge Forum Guides are available for both teachers and students.