Ping Yi Secondary School 101 Chemistry 2013

In this example, we will take a look at how Class 101 from Ping Yi Secondary School learnt about a few Chemistry topics through various experiments, activities and discussions on Knowledge Forum.

First, the teacher, Weiling, gives us an introduction on how she tackled the topic.

In the first lesson, she asked the students to post their questions regarding Chemistry on Knowledge Forum by using the scaffold "I need to understand..." (Identifying Students' Problem of Understanding)

By identifying the students' genuine interests and problems, she was able to direct the lesson in an interesting way.

Weiling then told the students to build on the questions posed by their classmates in the subsequent lesson, providing their preliminary ideas and understanding of the topic (Generating Ideas, Connecting Ideas)

To aid the students in discussion, Weiling separated their notes according to their related topics. This makes it easy for the students to read and reply to notes of a similar topic. (Connecting Ideas)

(Pictures above are different segments of a Knowledge Forum view, arranged by the Weiling)

Lastly, Weiling talked about her predictions on how the lesson might progress, and some guiding questions and activities that might help the students arrive at scientific conclusions (Improving Ideas)

With that, she moved on to the following experiments and activities:
1. Neutralisation Experiment
2. Sodium and Water