Name: Ushanthini Arumugam

Institution: St. Hilda’s Primary School 

Subject designation: Science 

Background information:

-       7 years of experience in teaching

-       4 years of experience in KB

Research interests:

-       Formative assessment

-       Learning analytics

-       Scaffolded learning

What does Knowledge Building mean to you as a teacher?

Knowledge Building is a way of life. It positions students as creative agents of their own learning process and knowledge building. As a teacher, Knowledge Building is able to transform the classroom into communal learning space. The future of our classrooms looks promising with practitioners using analytics to gather feedback for meaningful and purposeful classroom discourse.

How has the Knowledge Building Community supported your goals in teaching?

The Knowledge Building Community has given me insight into innovative and engaging ways of carrying out a Knowledge Building class. It has also allowed me to share with and learn from other teachers’ KB experiences.