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KB Summer Institute 2018

KB Summer Institute (KBSI)  2018 will be held in Toronto, Canada. KBSI is open to all individuals (teachers, principals, students, researchers, professionals, etc.) who want to become better acquainted with knowledge building concepts and approaches and advance their work in light of global competencies and models of an inclusive knowledge society. KBSI is also open to organisations (ministries, schools, universities, etc.) interested in introducing Knowledge Building into their organizations and establishing state-of-the-art approaches to knowledge creation. 

There will be a live streaming of practitioner session(s). Details will be announced later.

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Annual KB Symposium 2017

The annual KB symposium 2017 was held on 20th November at Haig Girls School. It was a successful event with extensive reach involving students, teachers and school leaders from a number of local primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

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CSCL 2017 (12th International Conference on Computer-supported Collaborative Learning)

The 12th International Conference on Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from June 18-22, 2017.

Dr Teo Chew Lee, a Senior Research Scientist at NIE who leads the KB community and KB work in Singapore, was the keynote speaker at this conference. In her talk, she traced the growth of four dimensions of an 8-year KB project in Singapore classrooms: (i) growth in number and connectedness of teachers in practice; (ii) growth in the dimensions of teaching and learning involved in the innovation; (iii) growth in ownership of practice; (iv) growth in research considerations; (v) growth in the role of the researcher. 

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