KB Summer Institute 2018

KB Summer Institute (KBSI)  2018 will be held in Toronto, Canada, from August 14-17, 2018. KBSI is open to all individuals (teachers, principals, students, researchers, professionals, etc.) who want to become better acquainted with knowledge building concepts and approaches and advance their work in light of global competencies and models of an inclusive knowledge society. KBSI is also open to organisations (ministries, schools, universities, etc.) interested in introducing Knowledge Building into their organizations and establishing state-of-the-art approaches to knowledge creation. 

There will be a live streaming of practitioner session(s). Details will be announced later.

Please go to http://ikit.org/summerinstitute2018/ for full details of this event.

KB at Teck Whye: Reflections

Reflections from the organisers, Melvin Chan & Ellie Soh

"Putting our knowledge together - Even though we are the organisers of the school visit, it has enriched our learning too in several areas. Firstly, it is very heartening to see so many educators from all over the world interested in the pedagogy that we were using. It is like we were all speaking a common language despite our cultural differences.

Building on the point on cultural differences, it is interesting to hear the point of views, questions and concerns of different countries and their education systems. The entire session was like a Knowledge Building session where we posed questions, answered each other's questions and even added on to each other's answers. It was a very interesting way how the dialogue session unfolded, something very unique that we think Knowledge Building practitioners share.

During the session, practitioners from all over the world had a conversation with four of our students. Through this dialogue it is evident that students have managed to internalise the Knowledge Building cultures set in our different classrooms and thus developed into future-ready learners.

In addition, through this platform, we have also seen the possibility of cross-cultural collaborations on Knowledge Forum, which will further enhance our students’ global awareness and understanding of different cultures. This interconnectedness has the potential to widen our students’ perspectives towards real world issues.