Students' voice: reflecting on KB Symposium 2018


I think that Knowledge Forum is not just a platform where we use for history and music only. It is a perfect platform where it can be used in many subjects. For example, Literature. I am amazed at how Knowledge Building can help us grow in Literature by building on each other ideas and understanding of certain phases or character analysis. Personally, I hope to see Knowledge Forum and Knowledge Building in polytechnics and working place. For example, this is a good opportunity for adults to discuss, build on and improve on their ideas. This wil help the project to become better and stronger.

 I have been to 2 KB symposium. Everytime I attend, I learnt and shared new things. For example, this year we used the idea of nature to relate to our presentation. Nature always represent growth and nature also means authentic. We come to this idea after building and sharing knowledge with each other. We hoped to share to the audience that Knowledge building in a classroom is something refreshing, just like how nature works.

 I think that the entire experience was incredible. It is very different to present in front of so many teachers from so many different schools. But I think we done well in terms of project our voice and responses to questions from the audience. I think this is because of our Knowledge Building lessons makes us always ready to think and respond in a deep and fast manner.


Syafiqah “The symposium was quite foreign and new experience for me. I have never presented in front to so many people. This sharing helps me to become even more confident. I was actually amazed at how my friends and myself are able to response to the questions from the audience swiftly. I feel that I am thankful we are the only students who shared so in depth throughout the symposium. Our sharing is not just about our experience but also our thoughts on why Mr Melvin Chan designed the Knowledge Building lessons in this format. This gives us a voice. I was actually happy that we have this chance to share our thoughts and ideas.

This symposium shows to me that Knowledge Building really builds a classroom that is student lead and not teacher lead. Besides our school, other schools’ sharing also show that. I hope that other schools can used this too. Students actually get to learn more and also learn from each other. My personal experience in Teck Whye Secondary School History lessons shows to me that there will always be friends who can clear my wrong understanding in Knowledge Forum and entries that we can take reference from. I think this is what a classroom should look like. “


Marsya This was my first time participating in a Knowledge Forum Symposium. I realised that this symposium was for everyone, not just teachers but also students. This symposium shows to me that knowledge is best created when we work together as a group or even better, as a class. I love the part where other teachers are amazed at Teck Whye Secondary School Knowledge Building lessons, especially when we share our thoughts and Mr Melvin Chan shared the framework and process of creating Knowledge Building classrooms. I look forward to us sharing more next year with new ideas and improvise current ideas.

I would describe Knowledge Building and Knowledge Forum as a lifesaver. Besides saving us from less exciting lessons, Knowledge building trains us to be ready for the future. We learn how to work together by sharing information, asking questions and giving diverse ideas. We also learn how to think and reflect. These are the lifesaving skills that we need in the future.


Kishen I was particularly encouraged when a few teachers complimented us for the symposium. Some of the compliments include: All of you are so confident, Going through 9 months is so tough and yet all of you persevere and emerge stronger in your knowledge of History, Music and Citizenship, and Great job! Love to see how you shared your views and thoughts of how KB can be applied in the future.

I would love to connect with the international schools, just like how we connected with the Canadian schools next year. I think that this is what Knowledge Building is all about. Working with more international schools will help us learn more about other culture and maybe this can help us create a better solution as a world.

For my juniors, I would recommend all of you to join this symposium as presenter. It will increase your confidence as a student. It will also make you proud to be a Teck Whye student where other teachers are learning from us.