KB NLC: What Kind of Community?

What kind of community is the KB NLC? It is a community marked by its openness where every member is encouraged to express and contribute their ideas no matter how incomplete or insignificant it may seem. Every member has a responsibility towards the progress of the community.

KB blog is a platform for the community to share knowledge - experience, insights, wisdom. A kind of learning journal for the community. What kind of community is the KB NLC? Essentially, a community is defined by its beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours. It's an apt question worth our consideration in this inaugural post. 

A community learns when its individual members share knowledge and insight and make meaning together. Many are willing to share experience, knowledge and insights. A community thrives when many are open to share advances and progress as well as  mistakes and failures that may need further improvement. A community matures in such openness and appreciation for continual improvement.

To be an encouraging community requires us to approach one another with humility. It means taking the stance of a learner. Humility is recognizing that everyone is worthwhile and thus has something worthwhile to share. No one is an expert in everything. Our position changes, from judging afar to learning alongside.

Finally, this is an idea-centred community. Teachers bring ideas they value, work on problems they care about. It's about seeking for alternative ideas, even opposing ones for consideration. It means every teacher consciously asks what is the idea that we are exploring, developing and understanding.

Like all ideas, we expect our understanding about this community to develop and mature. We hope to see members like you posting your ideas about this community in this blog. A sure sign of progress and maturity in our community.

KB NLC is not a production line nor is it a social club. More than skills and knowledge, it's about cultivating values, attitudes and behaviours. It's about developing the teacher, a person.